Welcome to Sequencings

The idea

Sequencings is about the interplay of images, music, voice and text. It is about discovering how to sincerely express and share what we really experience when recalling good or other profound memories.

In setting up this website I tried to think through why sequencings deliver more on this than just great photographs, music or stories alone. In my view the explanation lies in the nature of memories.

Memories arise from episodes in our existence where the outer world has made a profound imprint on our emotional, mental and physical canvas. It is this complete condition, this complex of experiences, that is stored as in both our body and mind and while it is easy for us to recall this ‘complete state’ (inclusive goose pips, shivers and tears), it is so difficult to retransmit that condition to others. Sequencings is about the art of searching for that ideal audiovisual and textual combination that triggers a mental, emotional and physical state close to a memory and in a sense by simplifying it, transcending and sublimating it to a higher level of awareness.

I believe sequencings are fundamentally different from film. Moving images immediately trigger the mind to relate to the known reality and experiences and the motion itself is a visual lock that blurs out the totality. The deliberate choice to use still images in sequencings brings greater attention to the photographic quality and leaves breathing space to interpret music and text with the image, thus opening up for a more profound experience. Color, graphics, rhythm, tonality, timbre, text, image transition provide an essential palette to create essential powerful audiovisual sequencings.

These image portfolios, music, text and complete sequencings are various steps of this discovery.

Jo Goossens, 2008